Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another day

Well I had my doctor appointment on Monday. She upped my antidepressant again and since I started taking it I have been struggling to stay awake so that's why I haven't posted. The nurse called me today but I was taking a nap so I returned the call but they didn't get back to me today. I talked to my doctor about my feet. She had x-rays taken and had a look before I left. She said she is going to have the radiologist look at them but where I'm complaining about the pain in my big toe joints she says she does see some arthritis starting. She said it doesn't look real bad to her but that she isn't an expert so sent them off. I imagine that's what they were calling me back for. That or my thyroid results. She drew blood to check my levels again. I guess Ill find out tomorrow.

My hands and feet are doing right about the same. My hands have been very red and even my pcp noticed it. This disorder, disease, condition, horrible nightmare, genetic monstrosity or whatever you like to call it, is so strange. It almost seems like it changes everyday. Its amazing how it affects people in different ways, even in good ways. It brings the worse and the best out of us I believe. We reach out to each other with kindness, caring and even love for one another even when we ourselves are in pain. I don't know why I ended up with psoriasis but I'm going to make the best of it.

Anyway, Ill be posting again with pictures here soon. I hope all of you have an itch free day!

Friday, October 16, 2009

October has swooped in...

I love October. Its a a time when the leaves begin to change and fall off the trees. A time to start bundling up and start planning for Halloween. But along with the season comes the cold weather which is so hard on my feet. I have another PCP Visit on Monday and Ill ask her to start looking into why they hurt so much. But it seems that the cold weather has really kicked up the pain level and they are at about a 4 or 5 all the time now.

I haven't had a "bad flare" but its been more of a small roller coaster ride for my P. I'm on Celexa which I think she will be kicking up to 40mg on Monday, Amaryl for my diabetes, Lisinopril which is a blood pressure medication but its used to help protect your kidneys and that's why I take it, Ativan for the panic attacks but luckily I haven't had any in a while and Levothyroxin for my thyroid. I also have been taking a multi vitamin, one of those chocolate chews once a day with dinner. I never could keep the pill form down but taking it this way, I'm doing great with it.

Now, its sort of like my PPPP rotates between my hands and feet although my feet are still in pain and my hands have been making me crazy. I have also noticed they have a red tint to them all the time now. I'm wondering if that's that one condition where all the blood goes to that area. I'm going to make an appointment with my derm sometime next week I think and even though I don't have a lot of confidence in her Ill ask her about it.

Here are some pictures I took today.


So you can see, its not really severe right now, but it sure is enough to irritate me and my feet hurt pretty bad. I'm going to ask my doctor if I can take some darvocet for the pain. I hope she lets me. If not she can give me something else.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great month! Ill be posting closer to Halloween unless something else comes up :)