Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Colder days...

Hey everyone! Hope all is doing well. I've been alright, my toe is getting better finally. I started soaking it every couple days in warm water with oatmeal and instead of vaseline I massage in neosporin. Its not so scary looking to me now and the open part of it has closed up.

I had a bad spot on the side of my left foot, almost on the edge but on the top part outside. It got pretty bad and some friends thought it looked like plaque but its clearing up now also. That spot has been there about 7 months. Itchy... omg so itchy lol

The tips of my toes are what I have been battling with the last few months. My hands have been livable. I get a couple of blisters here and there, they dry up, peel in that one small spot and do the same somewhere else. But I thankfully have not been having issues with that. I will gladly deal with my hands this way.

So, with the warm weather fading and colder days ahead of us, I wonder what it will do to my hands and feet this year. I know everyone is different. Some flare with cold weather and some clear up. Its a good time for me I think because I can wear nice warm snuggly socks. But then I dont get the sun on my skin either and have no way to buy the vitamin d ointment. Just like everyone else I guess Ill just be hoping for the best that I can.

How do you deal with the cold weather?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hi, hello, how are ya?!

It's been a while, a very long while actually. Ok catching up here, we've moved, to mid Michigan, I'm not as stressed out now, I'm still having issues.

So for those who don't know, I'm diabetic and I have a few other health issues other than my PPPP. I also have neuropathy and thyroid disease, not to mention I'm plum crazy too *grin* So, the decision was made recently that I am going on insulin. Pills and diet, or lack of diet have failed me so this is the best choice now. I hadn't had any huge flares or breakouts in so long but recently my feet have been giving me problems. Well neuropathy and PPPP is just a horrible combination. My feet are peeling, but its my toes that are taking the brunt of the blisters this time. mostly the tips of my toes. I saw something somewhere that said this is a dangerous and rare type of PPPP but I cant find where I read it at and my derm is a moron and doesn't care long as she gets paid. Anyways, I'm trying to do soaks and then massage in Neosporin on the places its cracked or peeling to the meat, then I massage in Vaseline on the rest of my feet. I have one problematic spot on my right big toe. Its very raw and red but it doesn't hurt really on that spot. However, its one of those spots you know right away you have to keep an eye on it, especially with me being a diabetic.

I'm hoping that when I actually start my insulin that my body will be more in balance and my feet will calm down. I still get spots on my hands but its nothing like it was previously thank God. I get dime size or less spots of blisters that I only notice once they start turning brown or start peeling.

The cover to my camera took a dive, nice design over the batteries, latch broke from the stress of the battery springs. Oh joy, or I would take a pic of my toe.

All in all I say I'm not doing too bad. I keep my spirits up, try to not feel too down and I don't let this control my life. Happy happy joy joy! I hope you are all doing well and that this isn't keeping you down either!

Long time

Been a while but will be posting later tonight I hope!