Thursday, November 11, 2010


Its been so cold! The weather went form summer almost into winter. Its fall and its already spot out a few snow flurries. I'm having a really hard time with my P. Both my big toes are not only peeled off down to the soft tissue but there are more blisters now which means, yep, more peeling to come. I don't know if my skin can grow as fast as whats needed. I also have bad areas between my toes and around the base of them. The cent palm area of my feet are still peeling and now around the edges of both heels, blisters and peeling. My fingertips are also starting to show tiny blisters. Not as bad as my toes though thank goodness. My hands look fairly nice really. I cant complain about them. Just a few sore spots here and there with a blister here, peeling there.... I feel like I'm singing the 'Old Mac Donald' song lol I have one spot on my left thumb that is almost raw. Its the only place on my hands that is "bothering" me.

I have ointment I can put on my toes and feet. I just hate having to do that. I think sometimes it makes it worse. I put Vaseline on after showers and I do soaks about once a week with salts and oatmeal. I use Curel Ultra Healing lotion, omg I love this stuff. I keep socks on my feet all the time, including in bed although on occasion I'm able to not wear socks when my feet aren't grabbing the sheets and blankets constantly.

I had an EMG done on my feet and lower legs. Why didn't anyone tell me this is painful? lol Its not supposed to be. The Dr said that most people find it uncomfortable but that my nerves are more sensitive than most. He said that I have Small Fibro Neuropathy (I think that's what he said lol). Which is common with diabetics and is why I have constant burning and needle type pains in my feet. He also said that it amplifies the pain from my P so I'm getting a double whammy.

I started insulin. I was surprised how easy it is really. I get a little bit of stinging sometimes but giving myself the shots is much easier than I thought. You should have seen me the first time though lol it took me about 5 mins of holding the needle next to my skin before I actually pushed it in lol I'm a big chicken :) But I got over it and now its nothing at all. Been on it a couple of weeks and its bringing my numbers down slowly. Once they get my fasting numbers down they'll start trying to get my spikes down when I eat. Being a diabetic is rough. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Anyway, I got my husbands Christmas shopping done. I need to shop for thanksgiving dinner this week and then Ill be ready to put up lights this weekend on the house for Christmas. Lots of stuff to do and think of the next couple of months.

I hope everyone has a great week and a great Thanks Giving!